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From time to time, I will post a blog about things we have accomplished throughout the year.

You are welcomed to give your input, or suggestions.

Requests on what you would like on an upcoming blog will also be great.

Ideas, we can all work together and build upon a foundation and we can continue to build this and have a solid platform which will benefit everyone.

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We have a lot of amazing customers who are completely satisfied with what we have.  I am grateful to be able to provide outstanding service to everyone.  It's a personal aprroach, we are giving to each individual that orders from any of our online stores.  Feedback is essential.  It shows that we care and want to make sure it is beyond what the person wanted.  NOT just another purchase.  We are a lot more than that.

eBay and Kijiji are just not right for us.... for everyone really.  They are owned by the same company.  No matter what, they just take more money as you make for and promote them like crazy, but their ways of giving back are higher fees and limits to what you can post and then they introduced AdMarkt... Kijiji for business. They are now using the same platform for eBay.  So, it was time to stop giving them chances and move on.

Varage Sale is the one I rely on.  Best part is you know who is buying from you.  There are praises and it's all free... YES!  You too can open up a Varage Sale account. is the unique link to get you in and win prizes.  

I am an administrator for Varage Sale Brampton.  I am also going to be doing other areas as well.

This means that all items Second Chance Clothing Vaughan posts can be a lot lower cost, as there are no fees to post our items... YOU, the CUSTOMER, saves a lot from this.  Oh!  Don't forget <=== use this link.  Share the link too.  Post it on every social media platform you are on.

We also have several groups on Facebook... not to promote our merchandise.  It's for YOU!  To sell your items.  Again, it's free!

You can use the money you make from selling your items to use for trips and other things.  Of course, you can also use it to buy things in our It Works!  Online store, our Varage Sale store, or donate the money you make and we will again, give 100? of that money to our donation, fundraiser and emergency funds... everyone wins!!!


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So, I decided to do another blog.

The last blog I did was during March Break?  WOW!  The year is going by quickly.  

The March Break (spring) and Summer Holidays are over and kids start school again tomorrow (September 6, 2016)

It is the unofficial end to summer.

Fall is around the corner and the weather here is still hot.  We actually have another heat alert warning for the next couple of days, starting tomorrow.  

I don't mind the heat.  Actually, I LOVE the heat!  So, what's everyone fussing about?

What I can hear a lot of people complaining about will be the winter the weather forecasters and the Farmer's Almanac predicted.  We are suppose to get a very long, cold, wet, snowy, icy winter!  

Last year, we went to Florida to get away from the cold weather, which never happened.  Now, this year, we are going to face the old man winter again.

Anyway, we have all the things you all need to stay warm.  Yes!  Even blankets, comforters and coats, jackets, sweaters, insulated pants, snow pants and sweats and hoodies.

What we don't have are extremely high and outrageous prices.  We are keeping our prices extremely low.  WHY?  Many of our customers are college and university students, or young families.  Yes, many are environmentally cautious.  However, there are some too who are trying to make ends meet and every dollar counts.

We also were students once.  We know how hard it can be at times.  So, yes!  We give a break to those who need it most.  A smile on their face is thanks enough.

So, if you are planning on going away to avoid the cold weather, we have some luggage carriers, suitcases for sale.

Yes!  We will always have shorts, tees, swim accessories... not everywhere in the world is always cold and people love to travel.  There is going to hopefully be something for you.  If you see something you like, you better get it before someone else does.

You can also decorate / redecorate your room, house, dorm... we will have pictures and other miscellaneous items available soon.

People asked to carry more assortments of items.  We listened and we are going to deliver to you.  YES!  From pick up, meet up and delivery service to Canada and the US parcel delivery service through Canada Post, tracking included.

We are going to really get people talking about us year after year.  We already had amazing feedback on our eBay and Varage Sale pages and of course our Facebook page too.  Now, we have a testimonial page here too.  Fill it out and post your comment.  Anyone who has purchased anything from us, now is  your time to let the world know what you think of our services.

We have nothing to hide.  Not even our pride.  We are extremely proud of our feedback from our customers.

I encourage you to try us out, if you haven't already.  Whether it's an It Works!  Product, or clothing and other items from our Varage Sale and ebay stores... we are sure you are going to find everything you need and more.

Happy shopping and welcome to Second Chance Clothing PLUS

Carlo Gon


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YES!  The hard work should pay off.  It's been a challenge getting things to where we are today.  Especially because with eBay there have been many changes to their policies in which all prices now have to be in CAD currency and of course it doesn't come into effect until May.  So, the items I have posted right now are in US dollars and I can't change them.  So, I was going to and will still go ahead and post other items with the CAD currency, which will get some people upset for sure.  Why?  There will be some items with CAD and some with US prices.  I can't take them down.  I a paid for them.  I will be getting penalized for taking them down early and it will make further postings complicated once again.

I will be focusing for the next few weeks primarily on this web page.  SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!  In many parts of Canada and the United States we have cool days and we have warm days.  Spring weather, at times, is unpredictable.  So, what are we going to do about this?  We aren't only going to have spring and summer shirts, shorts, dresses and other clothing and accessories you expect to find in spring.  We will have fleece jackets, light sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, raincoats and rain boots....  We have so much to post.  For weeks things keep coming in.  Now, the time has come to put all the items here, in our web store for you to buy and enjoy.

We were using many social media groups before.  As they continue to grow, there are many people on there who are wanting to pay nothing for everything we have.  We cannot run a business if we gave everything for practically free.  At the same time, we know there are people with fixed incomes, others who love buying from Second Chance Clothing as we have gently used brand name items and most of these items may have ended up in landfills or overseas.  We are keeping everything here.  We are going to be giving back to the community.  We are going to be giving back to many charitable organizations.

We have a goal, we are on a mission, we are doing so much, it's our passion.

With your help of donating clothing items and accessories, it will go to the charitable drives you want, or we will choose for you.

We also do consignment.  Yes!  We are really only taking 20% of each item sold, unlike others who take 40 percent or more.  Why?  We are an online business, with little overhead and your item(s) may help in selling other items too.  We all win.  It's simple.

Going forward, we are going to be selling more than clothing and accessories:

Yes!  You read correctly.  Customers wanted more, we are giving you more.  We are going to be selling things for the home.  We are going to be selling some small appliances... everything will be tested and in working condition.  Second Chance Clothing Vaughan will have furniture, purses, shoes, boots, bras, tools... we are going to try a lot of different features.  We will have a lot of different price points, so it is affordable for everyone.  Pick up will be available for big items.  YES!  We are going to have luggage for sale and pet toys and accessories.  I am really telling you, we are going to expand our merchandise and give you a heck of a lot of amazing items.  

Kids toys and games.... you will want to keep your eyes open for this.  We will have a lot of amazing things for your child.  Desks, benches, bikes and books and stuffed animals and toys which are all gently used, clean and ready to enjoy right away.

March is coming to an end.  This is no APRIL FOOLS joke!  This is real.  April is the beginning of special things for our loyal customers, our new customers and we would love to see everyone keep coming back for more.

Thanks for waiting patiently.  The time has come.  Tell your family and friends about our page.  They will be happy you did.  We will also be grateful.  

Last, take a look at our "MEDIA" tab.  Click that.  You will find our live "TWITTER" feed and see what items are being posted and are for sale on both this site and our eBay store.

Happy Shopping

Carlo Gon

Owner and Operator of Second Chance Clothing Vaughan

A division of Carlo Gon Enterprises

NOTE:  We will not accept anything other than clothing and accessories for consignment or donation.


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With spring arriving tomorrow, it is time to get things ready for the season and know that warmer temperatures are ahead.

It is also the time people will be doing a lot of spring cleaning, getting rid of clutter, replacing their wardrobe and things around the house.

Remember, we do consignment.  We also accept gently used items for donation.  ALL money raised from the donation drives will go toward many charitable organizations and other things in the area.

For the rest of March and into April and possibly the beginning of May, we are going to be having a major promotion to get more people to know about us in the community.  We also would like more worldwide exposure.  To do that, just wait and see the items we are going to have for you and the prices are going to be amazing!

For the next couple of months, people in the area are going to be able to pick up their purchases.  MANY ITEMS are going to be in the $1, 2, 5, 10 price range.  

We have an amazing assortment of toys too.  From Little Tykes and Tonka to VTech and LeapFrog and a lot of children's books too.

Lululemon, tna, Bench, Holliister, Aero, Nike, Campus Crew and more amazing clothing brands!  Vans and UGGS and other amazing shes and accessories are also coming up for you.

Check out all the things coming up.  It's happening.  We are ready!  See you soon


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March Break week here is until March 20, 2016.  We won't stop working.  We are just geting started.

There are going to be a lot of amazing things coming in the next several days.  Spring is quickly approaching.  So, you will find the selection of sweatshirts, hoodies, spring sweaters and jeans, shorts and shoes and other items for everyone.  We will also have a large selection of spring jackets and vests.  

UGGS.  We have several pairs of Authentic UGGS.  These will be posted.  $175 for pick up or shipping anywhere in Canada and the United States.  Size 8.  I am giving you a heads up for those who are interested can private message me.  Or wait, until Monday when the pictures are posted.

We are expanding our merchandise.  From being just a clothing and accessories online store, to also selling items exclusively for pick up.  These items range from kids toys, to household furnishings and other cool items.

Feedback is key.  Let us know what you want.  What could we give you more of?

This is YOUR place.  We want to give YOU what YOU WANT.

Going forward, you are going to see continued updates to our page, or many of our pages.

You will see surprise deals, and other things to keep you coming back.

We can't give things for free... but many low priced items will be for charity fundraising purposes.  So, if you want to give more to these, then please do, as 100% of the money will go toward this.

We have goals for the community.  We want you to be a part of it.  Help when you can.  Please buy for a cause, or send money knowint it goes directly there and nowhere else.

Hope next March Break we can give a prize for a family to go to Niagara Falls or something.  *HINT*

In the meantime, SECOND CHANCE CLOTHING VAUGHAN thanks everyone for their continued support.  Fasten your seatbelts, we are going to go above and beyond your expectations and again proving there are no limits.

DONATIONS ALWAYS ACCEPTED.... we are always glad to accept gently used clothing and accessories.  Know almost all the money is for the fundraising drives.  The rest is for an emergency fund.  So, yes, it is all being used for the community.  NOT for our pockets.

CONSIGNMENT works this way with SECOND CHANCE CLOTHING... You give us what you want us to sell.  Gently used or brand new clothes and accessories.  Every item sold gets you 80% cash.  Students, you get 90% to 100% back. The items that don't sell, you can have back, or if you want, we will sell them at the lowest possible price and that money again goes to our charitable and fundraising drives.

So, continue to tell people about our services.  Best advertising is word of mouth. 

As you can see by now, SECOND CHANCE CLOTHING always tries to be the leader, not the follower.  So, we will continue to be number one in what we do.  For us, it's easy.  We focus everything on you.  Our customer.  

Innovative approaches to things we do are going to continue.  So many ideas are going to continue to be implemented throughout the year.  So, we won't tell you what they are all at once... someone may "steal" the idea.  So, being the first to post and let others follow what we do.... we are okay with that.